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Category: Business Matters

Is Social Media Hype Overblown?

AMD social sharing increases by 3600% but did it have any impact on actual sales performance?

Net-A-Porter: Using Platform Strengths When Porting Physical Publications to the Digital World

Functional iPad specific platform suggestions for an interactive fashion magazine.

Google Enables Legacy Browsers with Chrome Frame

Developers limited by a Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 browser install base are freed to build modern web apps thanks to Google.

Are Open APIs Opening Pandora’s Box?

Recently, Posterous boldly attempted to leverage Twitpic’s own API against them by making it easy to transfer all Twitpic images to Posterous – that was until Twitpic shut the API down.

Tabloid Journalism for Nerds: Google Ditches Windows

Has Google run out of news to report? On Monday, Google released a statement that’s rallying Windows haters but alienating those who don’t necessarily believe Windows exposes security issues.