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Category: Technology

Jam Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker

Big Sound from a Small Package. HMDX Audio has produced one of the best compact Bluetooth portable speakers on the market.

Is Social Media Hype Overblown?

AMD social sharing increases by 3600% but did it have any impact on actual sales performance?

Startup Snapshot: Instagram

An evaluative look at the photo-sharing app, Instagram. Can they compete with Flickr?

Customer Development – Why you’re not quite ready yet!

Understanding the build cost doesn’t matter if you don’t yet understand your customer.

How Facebook Could Triple Its Ad Impressions Tomorrow

Facebook should concentrate on helping me share and connect with people rather than forcing a larger world view on me.

Google Enables Legacy Browsers with Chrome Frame

Developers limited by a Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 browser install base are freed to build modern web apps thanks to Google.

Tabloid Journalism for Nerds: Google Ditches Windows

Has Google run out of news to report? On Monday, Google released a statement that’s rallying Windows haters but alienating those who don’t necessarily believe Windows exposes security issues.