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Is Social Media Hype Overblown?

This morning while sorting through my daily email propaganda I came upon an article from the fine folks over at Visual Website Optimizer (great tool – BTW). It boasted about “How AMD used A/B testing to achieve 3600% increase in social sharing“. The article describes the painstaking efforts the AMD Online Marketing team takes to get users to share content via social platforms like ShareThis, Facebook, Twitter, et. al. No doubt VWO made the task of refining user interaction with AMD’s content easier – it’s precisely what the tool does and I don’t want you to mistake my reason for this post. I am not at all debating the validity of testing your online initiatives, but with numbers like 3600% constantly tied to social media campaigns or initiatives aren’t we setting the bar just a little too high? I mean – not that I can correlate this exact event with anything pertinent that impacted AMD’s sales. What I can tell you is that the AMD Online Marketing team and the rest of us might just want to tone down the focus on social and just get back to real business because social sharing increases of 3600% on ShareThis certainly didn’t help AMD this past quarter – “AMD Lowers 2Q Revenue Guidance, Shares Slide“. And it certainly isn’t helping make the case for effective social media initiatives in the enterprise either. Let’s get our heads out of the clouds and get back to business. Less hype – more substance.

What do you think? Is social media over-hyped or overrated?

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