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Tabloid Journalism for Nerds: Google Ditches Windows

In mid-May, Google made a lot of exciting announcements during the I/O Conference. These announcements included updates to Android phones and changes to Google products like Maps and Buzz.

Has Google run out of news to report? On Monday, Google released a statement that’s rallying Windows haters but alienating those who don’t necessarily believe Windows exposes security issues.

The Financial Times reported that Google has decided to stop use of the Windows operating system due to security concerns:

New hires are now given the option of using Apple’s Mac computers or PCs running the Linux operating system. “Linux is open source and we feel good about it,” said one employee. “Microsoft we don’t feel so good about.”

Well, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Google is, in fact, developing a competing operating system.

However, the security hole exposed in China due to an IE 6 vulnerability is a rather weak reason to abandon Windows. We are huge fans of Google, but we wonder why the company couldn’t keep its Windows machines secure.

With all the free tools available to update machines and keep them compliant, running secure Windows machines is not a big deal. Many enterprises successfully and securely use Windows every day.

Will bringing Linux into the mix really make things better? If you can’t control one environment, you can’t control any environment.

Frankly, this announcement should hurt Google more than it hurts Microsoft. Why would anyone trust their data to Google? How does this news give enterprises the warm and fuzzy feeling they need to convert from internal systems to systems run by Google in the cloud?

Many tech-based Internet news sites (TechCrunch, Slashdot, and TUAW, to name a few, picked up the FT story) are simply hungry to publish any controversial news that will catch a tech person’s eye. This story will get a lot of play with the anti-Microsoft crowd, but anyone who successfully and securely uses Windows will know that something is not right.

(Photos by jolieodell and Tracy Hunter)

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